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This page lists all attributes in the original Wasteland.
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  • For attributes in other Wasteland games, please see "Attributes".
  • For an overview of Wasteland content, please refer to "Portal:Wasteland".

Skills are bound to an attribute. So if you raise an attribute then this also makes the bound skills more effective. The mathematics behind this are currently unknown.

Attribute Short Description
Strength ST Lift, move and break items. Important for hand-to-hand combat.
Intelligence IQ For thinking and problem solving. Also affects number of skill points.
Luck LK Avoid damage, find things, improve odds in hand-to-hand combat.
Speed SP For moving quickly and escaping tight situations.
Agility AGL Enhances acrobatic ability. For dodging blows and improved hand-to-hand combat.
Dexterity DEX For lock-picking or aiming weapons. Very important for combat.
Charisma CHR Affects how NPCs will react to you.