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Wasteland character creation

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Creating a character in Wasteland is a fairly simple process. All characters are created at the Ranger Center and up to four can be in the party at any given time. To free up space, the player has to delete at least one character from the party to make space. Once deleted, the character cannot be brought back.

The default party consists of Hell Razor, Angela Deth, Thrasher, and Snake Vargas. They have decent skills and the standard equipment, but the player can easily create specialized, better characters on their own.

Creating a character[edit | edit source]

Personal data[edit | edit source]

The first step is determining the character's nationality, gender, and giving them a name. Only the gender has any impact on the game and even then, it's only for minor, flavor interactions at two places in the game.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Choosing attributes is the second step. The game randomly rolls for each of the eight stats. Anything between 10 and 15 is average. Attribute values 16 and above are good. MAXCON is treated differently and can range from 22 to 36. The more, the better.

  • Strength (ST): determines damage in melee combat, can be used to force open doors, containers, and stuck winches. One character should have at least 15 ST.
  • Intelligence (IQ): The most important attribute, bar none. Determines the amount of skill points and which skills can be learned. An IQ of 23 is required to master Energy Weapons, so it should be given priority.
  • Luck (LK): Affects accuracy in close combat and damage in ranged combat in a supplementary fashion. Tested throughout the game quite frequently.
  • Speed (SP): Determines sequence in melee combat. Occasionally tested to avoid hazards.
  • Agility (AGL): Tied to athletic skills and evasion chance. Allows for avoiding traps. Low importance.
  • Dexterity (DEX): Determines accuracy with ranged weapons and success with manual skills, such as pick lock.
  • Charisma (CHR): Negligible usability, usually with ornery NPCs.
  • MAXCON: The amount of punishment a character can withstand.

Skills[edit | edit source]

The crucial element of the character creation process is choosing the right skills for the Rangers. These have certain IQ requirements and vary in usability. See individual articles for more information.

Skill Min IQ Points Attribute Short description Skill ID
Brawling 3 1 Luck Hand-to-hand combat. Higher skill means more attacks per round. 0x01 (1)
Climb 3 1 Agility Climbing above obstacles. 0x02 (2)
Clip pistol 3 1 Dexterity Handling clip pistols like the H&K VP91Z or the Colt M1911A1. 0x03 (3)
Knife fight 3 1 Dexterity Fighting with knives. 0x04 (4)
Pugilism 3 1 Strength Fighting with bare hands. 0x05 (5)
Rifle 3 1 Dexterity Handling rifles like the M19 or the M17 carbine. 0x06 (6)
Swim 3 1 Strength Swimming in rivers, lakes and pools. 0x07 (7)
Knife throw 6 1 Dexterity Throwing knives in combat. 0x08 (8)
Perception 6 1 Intelligence Finding items and spot traps and stuff like that. 0x09 (9)
Assault rifle 9 1 Dexterity Handling automatic rifles like the AK97 or the M1989A1. 0x0a (10)
AT weapon 9 1 Dexterity Handling anti-tank weapons like rockets. 0x0b (11)
SMG 9 1 Dexterity Handling submachine guns like the Uzi or the Mac 11. 0x0c (12)
Acrobat 10 1 Agility Performing acrobatic stunts. 0x0d (13)
Gamble 10 1 Luck Earning money by gambling. 0x0e (14)
Picklock 10 1 Dexterity Opening locked doors and chests and stuff like that. 0x0f (15)
Silent move 10 1 Agility Moving without making noise. 0x10 (16)
Combat shooting 11 1 Speed Mysterious unknown skill only available in the PC version of the game. 0x11 (17)
Confidence 11 1 Charisma Talk your butt out of misery. 0x12 (18)
Sleight of hand 12 1 Dexterity Doing some thief tricks. 0x13 (19)
Demolitions 13 1 Intelligence Handling explosives like grenades in combat. 0x14 (20)
Forgery 13 1 Dexterity Recognizing or creating forged documents. 0x15 (21)
Alarm disarm 14 1 Intelligence Disarming alarm devices. 0x16 (22)
Bureaucracy 14 1 Charisma Talking with bureaucrats. 0x17 (23)
Bomb disarm 15 2 Intelligence Disarming bombs. 0x18 (24)
Medic 15 2 Intelligence Healing injured comrades. 0x19 (25)
Safecrack 15 2 Dexterity Cracking safes and vault-like doors. 0x1a (26)
Cryptology 16 2 Intelligence Decipher encrypted messages. 0x1b (27)
Metallurgy 17 2 Intelligence Earn some money with minerals in the mine shaft. 0x1c (28)

Starting gear[edit | edit source]

Once the Ranger is accepted into the party, they come equipped with either a VP91Z 9mm Pistol or a M1911A1 .45 Pistol, 8 clips of matching ammunition (9mm or .45), a rope, canteen, crowbar, knife, hand mirror, and a matchbox.