Who Was This Red Samson?

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Who Was This Red Samson?
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Who Was This Red Samson? is a radio broadcast in Wasteland 2.

Transcript[edit | edit source]


But, Brother Malediction, I hear you ask. Brother Malediction, who was this Luke Samson? Who was the man who we now call the Red Messiah? Who was our savior? Well, brothers and sisters, I'll tell you.

Seventy-five years ago, Luke Samson was just another man. Lived right here in Hollywood. And, to be honest, he wasn't even a particularly good man. He was a scavenger, like so many are in these hard times, and known to drink and cuss and occasionally settle arguments with the help of a sledgehammer.

But one night. One night, when he was diggin' in the rubble of a TV station down in Gower Gulch he stumbled upon a video cassette that was to change his life. Thinking - hoping! - that is was some kind of pre-apocalypse pornography, he found himself a working VCR and popped it in. But it wasn't pornography, brothers and sisters. Oh no! It was salvation!

What Luke Samson had found was the last surviving record of the wisest prophet of the pre-apocalyptic age, the great James King!

Can I get a haleluia, brothers and sisters!