Your Friend The Great Glow

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Your Friend The Great Glow
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Your Friend The Great Glow is a book in Wasteland 2.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]


Greetings to you, New Believer! We welcome you into our fold with gladness in our hearts and radiation in our lungs!

You may not yet understand the Great Glow, you may even fear it. Do not worry, we have all struggled in such ignorance. To understand what the Great Glow is is to understand the universe. You, I, and everything we know would not exist without the energy and power of the Theory. Everything is a part of it, but it is the Mushroom Cloud and the Bomb that express it mostly directly, and thus are the holiest of holiest.

But you do not need to seek the mushroom cloud to find the Great Glow. Look into the eyes of a child. See that energy, that life there? That is the Great Glow. Run, leap, bound, whoop and holler, be glad you are alive, for it is the Great Glow that moves you as it moves us all. It is the Great Glow that created you, the energy unbound from which springs all life.

Of course the blessing of the Great Glow is not free, for nothing in life is free. Study with your elders to truly understand the Great Glow, the blessing of Titan, the nature of the Mushroom Cloud, and understand why salvation lies only through there wisdom.

And always keep these rules in mind:

1 - Pray to Titan daily, no matter what.
2 - Titan's Law rules our canyon. Only those who pay tribute may pass through unmolested. This is Titan's Peace. It applies not to our monks, who are always protected by Titan's Peace, but to any and all travelers who pass through, regardless of their business and former ties you may have to them.
3 - You and all true believers must enforce the Titan's Peace. Protect those who have paid tribute. Return those who did not to the Great Glow. This is the apex of the service you can give to our lord Titan, and he will reward you, take you into his embrace, and reshape you into a glorious being. Do not halt or pause at anything in performing this duty, not even your death or the death of your brethren.
4 - If you find any ancient artifacts or remnants that carry the Great Glow, inform your elders immediately. Do not handle these items, lest in your ignorance you defile them.
5 - When it is your time, as determined by our lord Titan, embrace the Great Glow and find peace everlasting.

May Titan bless us all.