Your Golden Future

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Your Golden Future
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Your Golden Future is a book in Wasteland 2, found near the entrance to the New Citadel in a container outside.

Background[edit | edit source]

A bright, cheerful pamphlet about the joys of having metal surgically implanted in your spine.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]


A Guide to Becoming a Child of the Citadel

We welcome you with open arms, Child. You have made the right choice embracing the path to the Golden Future and accepting the gift the New Citadel bestows upon the willing, the weak, the downtrodden, and those that the priviledged ignore.

What is the Golden Future, you ask? It is nothing less than the perfect world, nothing short of Heaven upon the Earth! In the Golden Future, peace will reign as all humans are united in one cause and form, human weakness replaced with synthetic strength, human folly replaced by the wisdom of the Voice, as spoken through its earthly envoy, the great Matthias. This new age of prosperity and hope will finally usher an improved mankind out of his long infancy of darkness and into the bright Godhood he has so many times denied himself.

And what is your place in this Golden Future? Matthias demands nothing of his Children but to live and prosper, free of pain and sickness. And to achieve those simple but so illusive goals, you will undergo Synthesis, the holy merger of your human mind with an immortal form.

At your core will lie an atomic heart. This is truly Matthias's greatest invention, the greatest of the many gifts he has bestowed upon his Children. Unlike the human heart, the atomic heart lasts forever, indefatigable and inexhaustible. It will be the center of your new, immortal synthetic form, which will hold and safeguard your human mind forever.

Belay your disbelief, Child, for this gift is real. Join us as a Child of the New Citadel, and Matthias will make you an immortal. His pledge is our covenant, and bound by it, we will forge together towards his bright, Golden Future.

Your ascension will not be instantaneous, however, and you will remain in your weak mortal form yet awhile. For first you must travel the long path of self-sacrifice and true belief that leads at last to perfection - to Godhood.

In Stage One of Godhood, you are as you are now, a pilgrim with an open mind and heart, made of flesh but embracing our teachings and in turn embraced by us.

In Stage Two you become Evolved, bringing you halfway to ascension. We take your human form and strengthen and amplify it with synthetic parts and improvements, making you better, stronger and smarter than you could ever have been without.

This step prepares you for Stage Three, where you join the ranks of the Exalted, the true fusion of man and machine, the ultimate form of life, a human mind in the body of a synth, flawless and immortal!

Then, with our perfect forms accomplished, we will walk hand in hand towards the promised land that Matthias guides us to, the Golden Future, bright, peaceful, prosperous!